Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day 30, 30 Days of Biking: Challenge Complete

I barely had time to squeeze in a quick 5 mile ride around Marblehead today, but got one in just as the sun was fading. It was a chilly end to the thirty day challenge, and really, it never warmed up at all during the 30 days of April, so a fitting end. (We had maaaaybe one day in the 60's.) April was cold, wet and windy. Very windy.

8,000 cyclists participated around the world -- including a few Vanderkittens. For every 30 riders who registered to ride, a bike was pledged to Free Bikes 4 Kidz, (made possible through generous business sponsors in the Minneapolis area, where 30 Days of Biking originates.) Pretty cool.

I chose to rides all of my rides outside regardless of weather. Since it didn't matter how far or how long you rode, just as long as you rode your bike somewhere, I didn't see the point of taking any rides indoors even in the rain, (though it was an option). In truth, two of my favorite rides were on the mountain bike, in the rain and mud. Kinda neat.

My longest ride was a 30 mile slow and steady Cyclopath ride with Joan out to Bradley Palmer Park. My shortest ride was .8 miles down to Preston Beach with my coffee. I didn't miss a day, but I didn't push it too hard, either. I've been working through a lot of pain in my arm and shoulder this past week -- I believe unrelated to my rides, although I'm sure my PT will say differently.

I rode cautiously to avoid further injury to my shoulder -- I didn't break any speed or distance records -- but I did enjoy each ride. The best part of riding slow and sometimes without a clear destination is the opportunity to turn every ride into an adventure. I had several this month. Total awesomeness.  :)