Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day 28, 30 Days of Biking: Coffee Ride with Chip, Ocean House Surf

I had my last scheduled PT visit today -- which I'm feeling ambivalent over. I don't really like the physical therapist I'm seeing, and have only had a little progess on my shoulder. I've been doing the home excercises... but the PT visits feel like a waste of time. Honestly, if your PT can't take two seconds to review your records to at least know which shoulder is injured, you should move on... and I am. I have a follow-up visit with the orthopedic specialist soon, and will ditch the PT at the Spaulding Rehab outpatient clinic.

I planned to head out for my ride after getting the boys home from school, when Chip asked if he could go for a ride with me. I thought he had a trail ride in mind, but he suggested heading to Ocean House Surf instead, enticing me with coffee. Well played, Chip

I hadn't yet voted, (Spring elections), so we stopped by the polls at the Middle School along the way, and ran into one of his lacrosse coaches. He asked Chip if he could keep up with me on the bike, to which Chip responded, "She's not that fast." Hahahahaha...

We headed to Ocean House Surf for our coffee ride, (a latte for me, a peach iced tea for Chip), and returned back home. Just 5 miles on his little bike, which is pretty good. 

He really wants a road bike in the worst way.

Love this kid.