Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday MTB, now a Single Speed

Another chilly ride today at 25 degrees on the coast. We had a bit of a stiff wind coming off the ocean across the causeway, but it didn't feel as bitter as some days have been. Maybe I'm getting used to it. I kept my ride short today and tried to follow Rebecca's advice and practiced riding in the snow and sand at Deveraux Beach before looping the Neck and heading home. It was good to get out before the next wave of snow hit. (Snowing now as I type this.) The boys are hoping for another snow day tomorrow. (We'll see...)

I need to spend a good chunk of time cleaning the bike tomorrow. I'm stuck on one gear at the moment, and despite Pete telling me not to invest any money in the bike, (OMG, the rusty chain!!), I'm anxious for a smoother ride. Hopefully a good solid cleaning will help.