Sunday, March 22, 2015

Nutty Irish 5K Cocoa Run....err... Snowshoe Walk

My Nutty Irish 5k did not go quite as planned. I knew I wasn't quite ready for the full run on the challenging course, but I planned to run/walk it, which was a suggestion from my friend Julie Haynes. Her idea was for me to go out and get that first 5k done and out of the way, and then have something to improve upon from there -- mentioning I'd set a PR the second time out. For crazy reasons I liked that plan. :)

Well... obviously my plan was derailed.

Since I didn't get the MRI results on Friday, I took a PTs advice and didn't run. She mentioned that the swinging motion of my arms while running, plus the impact from the ground up, could damage the shoulder further -- and until I got clearance from the MD, I should just relax and not make things worse.

But I woke up Saturday bored... and discouraged... and as the clock ticked closer to 10am I was getting antsy. OMG. I couldn't stand it!! I decided that if I couldn't run the 5k, I could at least walk it with minimal arm movement. So I threw on some winter gear, (because of course it was snowing), grabbed my snowshoes, and headed off to the golf course where the run was taking place. (Yes, it's completely covered in snow.)

I was a little late to the start, but got an encouraging send off from Michelle and Julie, who were volunteering. (Yaaaay, friends!!) I only did one loop of the two loop course, because it took me 30 minutes to snowshoe 1.75 miles. But it was at least something. I got to see Chris Crowley wearing a kilt (so awesome) and enjoyed hot chocolate with Bailey's at the end. So, not quite what I had in mind for my first 5k, but all was not lost and it was a pretty great morning. Good to get out there.