Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Garmin Woes

I have the worst relationship with my Garmin. I haven't used it much in my offseason, (No Garmin, No Rules), but we have new Vanderkitten teammies in our Strava group, and I wanted to get in the habit of uploading my rides again, so I took it on Monday's ride.

I headed out for a typical Marblehead loop around the harbor and out to Peach's Point... very cold. My nose started pouring like a faucet, and after sniffling for miles, and my head starting to ache, I attempted my first ever snot rocket.

I was not very successful.

I became fixated with the snot covering my sleeve, and in my hair, and narrowly missed a wall on Beacon Street. I jerked my handlebars a little too much to avoid the wall, but crashed. (More like a spill than a crash.) Argh. I ended up with a slightly skinned knee.

More annoying -- the screen on my Garmin changed. I hit the return button to get to the previous screen, and all my data was there, so I figured, phew! No problem. I finished my ride, incident free.

After slapping a band-aid on my knee at home, I uploaded my ride to Strava. OMG, the data didn't transfer! 16.2 miles was reduced to 4.1. (Beginning at the point I crashed, flying over the rooftops of Marblehead, ending at home.) The mileage recorded, (and I was able to upload it to Garmin Connect), but the map data was skewed. So frustrating!!!

I really need to make peace with my Garmin in 2015.