Saturday, November 8, 2014

Winter Island, In memory of Bill

It was 36 degrees this morning for our ride in memory of Cyclopath Bill Cantor today. After several text messages and emails last night telling me it was going to be too cold to ride, (and my response being "suck it up" or "it's not going to be that cold"), I ended up coming close to bailing out on the ride myself!! Planning to get back for Will's football game after the Cyclopath ride and breakfast, I chose to drive and park at B&S Fitness, near our Salem start, and ride from there... but as I got ready to head over to meet the gang on Washington Street, I realized I left my helmet at home! Damn!!

I began to imagine the eyerolls I was about to receive, as I told folks I wouldn't be able to ride afterall, when Brandi Dion arrived and rescued me! She loaned me a helmet, thus allowing me to narrowly escape future Cyclopath retellings of how I convinced people to ride on this freezing cold 36 degree day... and then didn't ride myself. (Thanks for the rescue, Brandi!)

In honesty, after a bunch of emails and text messages on Friday, I really wasn't sure how many people would ride today. (I get it -- it was a chilly one -- but we've ridden in colder weather. I think people forget that.) In all, seven of us showed up to ride -- and a few others joined us for breakfast by car. It was a perfect morning to be together, with fond memories of Bill, and I'm sure he would laugh at us and call us crazy for riding today. That's what makes it perfect.