Monday, October 13, 2014

Missing the VKCX Fam

We had such a low key weekend after saying goodbye to Caro, Rebecca and Zane mid week. No bike races to get ready for... no lazy mornings and laughs over coffee... no long conversations over all-things cycling. I learned so much while they were here and had a blast -- and missed the three of them the minute they left for Rochester. I know we will keep in touch as they continue chasing UCI points this season, and sent them a text on Friday to wish them luck at Ellison Park. Rebecca texted back, "So when is your first race?"

Hahaha... OK... so, I'm working on that. I loved learning about cyclocross and taking my bike on some off-road adventures. I've had a few "No Garmin No Rules" days lately, just exploring and riding and checking out trails. My bike isn't really made for that sort of thing, so I've had to be smart about it. Rebecca invited me out to Boulder for a mountain biking camp in June that sounded cool, (hmmm... maybe...).

Mountain biking... cyclocross... so much to think about!