Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Easy Spin with the VKCX Team

Just another day left before the VKCX gang departs for Rochester, (so sad). After the weekend's challenging races in Providence, (and a late night on Sunday), Monday was a low key day for all of us. Rebecca and Caro had a hard weekend of racing, and an easy recovery spin was on the day's agenda. The four of us took a casual ride through Marblehead, down the streets I grew up on, stopping along the way at Old Burial Hill, (where Zane looked for the oldest gravestone), and Grace Oliver's Beach, (to check out the rocks and seaweed?).

Riding with the three of them was fun, as they each took turns riding the gnarly sidewalks down West Shore Drive, jumping the curbs and tree roots bulging up through the asphalt. Zane took a bloody wipeout on one of the jumps, which wasn't much fun, though he brushed it off. (His arm is sporting some gross road rash today.) We took the trail home, where Caro spotted a large PVC drainage pipe to ride through. (Wish I got a photo of that!)

It was a short ride, but a typical recovery spin for them. Lots of fun.