Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day 30: 30 Days of Biking, P2

We had a long week of cold, wet weather and my final day of 30 Days of Biking fell on the same day the Fall session of P2, (the training program Shayne runs at B&S Fitness), begins. I considered heading out in the rain for a quick ride, but knew I had some testing to do at P2, so decided my 30th ride of September would be that hour+ time spent on the trainer.

OK... so P2 is never fun... (ouch)... but I had a sweet surprise as I was wheeling my bike to the back of the fitness facilities. I noticed my bar tape was new!! The dirty white loose bar tape I've had all summer was brilliant black, tight and so pro. OMG!! And, as I set my bike up on the trainer, I noticed my bike was shiny!! AND MY CHAIN AND CASSETTE were CLEAN!!!

Wow. Thank you, Zane Free!! My bike felt ahhh-maaaa-zing and it was such a lovely, sweet gesture for you to take care of it like that. I was totally surprised.

(I later learned that Zane, (who is the mechanic on the VKCX team staying with us),  also fixed a bent derraileur hanger and replaced my worn brake pads. He's such a sweetheart!!!)

So, despite a week of grayness that put me in a crappy mood, Zane's thoughtfulness just warmed my heart, and I had fun at P2. (If you can ever call it "fun".) There is a terrific new coach running the Thursday night program -- Jen McCarthy -- who I think is fabulous, and I'm kinda-sorta looking forward to a fresh start. P2 is on!