Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer is flying

Hard to believe a week has passed since my last post, but my birthday in the middle of the week, (which included houseguests), plus a weekend escape to Vermont left me little time to blog. The boys didn't want to head up north, so I left for Vermont alone on Friday, arriving in Ascutney early enough to get in a quick ride to Windsor as a warm-up to Saturday's Harpoon Point to Point. (Being smart and somewhat lazy, I parked at the small country store a mile from our road, knowing the minute I got up on the mountain I wasn't coming back down.) I headed out and looped the Connecticut River, and then got in the car and drove up to the cottage. So smart.

The route I took is a great little loop from Ascutney to Windsor along the Vermont border, crossing the Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge to the New Hampshire side of the river, and then south along the Connecticut River for about 6 miles before crossing back to Ascutney. I repeated the loop on Sunday as a post-Harpoon recovery ride before heading back to Massachusetts. A nice way to end the week.