Friday, August 1, 2014

It's Official! VKCX 2015

As the racing season winds down at Vanderkitten, VK founder Dave Verrecchia is announcing a return to Cyclocross this fall with a small development team. Vanderkittens Elle Anderson and Emily Kachorek are racing with other sponsors during CX season, (as VK has not fielded a team for many years), but two new riders have signed on to Vanderkitten for VKCX 2015 -- Rebecca Gross from Boulder, Colorado, and Caro Gomez VillafaƱe from Argentina. (Sweetheart VKVIP/Development rider Kennedy Hill, a phenom at 13, will also be competing this fall. Go, Kennedy!)

The CX team will lean on VKVIP help for host housing, team support, race events, and clinics, etc. around the country. (The racing schedule, which includes US UCI events, has not yet been released).  It's a very exciting direction for Vanderkitten! For me, I have a small dilemma. One of the biggest cyclocross events in New England, the Gran Prix of Gloucester, happens to take place the same weekend as the Canary Challenge. Errgghhhh. Decisions, decisions. I want to be a part of both! I really do need a clone!

(I'm liking the new colors too!! Can't wait for my new jersey to arrive in September!) Go, Vanderkitten! #kittenlove