Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SpiderOne Monday Night Ride

Awwww.... yay! The S1 Group Ride moved to Monday nights this week after the Tuesday night ride never really caught on. Last night, with rain holding off to the north of us, I headed to Salem to join Ashley, Caroline, and Brooke, plus two newer riders, Mansoor and Kristin, for a ride over to Devereux Beach. I think it was the first S1 ride I've been able to join since Thirty Days of Biking!

After reaching the causeway, the gang headed out for a quick workout around Marblehead Neck, while I held back and rode with Kristin for a bit, (who was riding a heavy hybrid). I probably should have done intervals or something... but it was nice chatting with Kristin, and later riding with Mansoor, (who is new to the area). Not a hard workout, but I made two new friends and I'm happy to be riding with the Spiders again. A happy Monday!