Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getting Back

It's been two weeks since returning from Annapolis, and I've only been on the bike a few times. Various commitments have kept me from jumping back into my training plan as I originally intended. I had a decent ride on Sunday, and my legs felt strong, but my cardio wasn't so great. I've been discouraged by the backwards motion I seem to be moving in.

Will has been watching the Tour de France... and that has added an interesting element to our summer. Tonight as I was heading out for my ride, he stopped me and asked, "Can I come with you?"


I said, "Sure", and then waited for him to hunt down his cycling gear and get his bike ready. It was another 15 minutes before we got out the door. (Sigh.)

We headed over to Marblehead to loop the neck, and I thought it was funny when he decided to beat me up the first little hill we hit after the causeway. "Hey, I beat you on that hill.", he said.

"Yup." I answered, and then laughed when I saw his plaid boxers peeking out from the waistband of his cycling shorts. I don't think he believes me when I tell him there should be nothing between him and his chamois.

We did one loop of the Neck, and I suggested we do another, when he confessed his quads were burning and he couldn't go much further. Hahaha. He hasn't changed. He can beat me up a few early hills, but then he's toast after that.  I know he's working hard at football conditioning camp in the mornings, so I had no doubt he was in pain, so I slowed it down for the ride home. (I'll try and get a longer workout done in the morning.)