Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bone Tired

I'm home from the weekend's RAAM Oregon Cyclng Challenge in Portland/Hillsboro, Oregon. Joan Deitchman did terrific and completed the race in good time -- without taking a sleep break during the entire race -- 400 miles (396.2) in 30 hrs, 45 minutes. A great, strong ride by Joan.

Oregon was beautiful, and Portland is a great city. It was nice to see lush green pastures and forests after the long New England winter.

Crewing was a challenge -- and not all of it was positive. I need a few days to clear my head. The best parts of my weekend were spent with fellow crew member Ingrid Hillhouse, who I absolutely adored. The two of us, (of our 3-person crew), worked non-stop all weekend with almost no sleep at all. As far as grading our efforts as crew, I'd give us an A.