Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 9: 30 Days of Biking, Winter Island, Magnolia, Gloucester, and thoughts of Sam

It's been hard finding balance lately with all of us moving in different directions, but so far, so good -- I haven't cracked yet. Wednesdays are always my toughest day -- juggling the boys' swimming, guitar lessons, and lacrosse schedules -- all jammed between 3:00 and 7:00. Of course I have yet to take a shower today, but don't judge.

I had an indoor trainer session, (P2 course work), planned for this morning, but I just didn't have it in me to ride indoors. After yesterday's sad little jaunt in the rain, and a hill workout later in the day with SpiderOne, I didn't want to be on a trainer going nowhere today. I needed to be outside. I just wanted to ride.

I started out from Salem, heading towards Manchester, but had a sudden urge to swing by Winter Island. I've been thinking of Sam a ton, so I stopped by his beach, (Waikiki Beach), and just sat there for a bit, watching the waves and feeling some peace.

Sam stayed with me all morning.
"Tamara, how much did that jacket set you back?" "It was free Sam." "You paid too much."
"Tammy! Be careful. We're coming up to the bridge." "Sam! It's a mile away!" "I know. I want you to be ready for it."
"Tam, remember. If the light turns yellow, it means slow down. It's not a pale green." "Yes, Sam." (Sigh.)
"We're getting closer to the bridge." "Sam! It's another half mile!"
Hahaha.... He made me crazy, but I miss him so much.

I rode up to Manchester and just kept going, swinging down through the cove and out along Magnolia. I poked through Stage Fort Park and then headed home, against the headwind on the way back. It was good to ride today -- I needed it -- and now I'm ready for the Wednesday afternoon shuffle. I just hope I can squeeze in a shower before bedtime.