Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 4: 30 Days of Biking, Nahant Beach

Today was a cold one, starting out sunny and clear, but becoming cloudy and overcast by the time I wrapped up my ride. I took a loopy ride around town, with no real sense of direction, and no destination in mind, and ended up heading towards Nahant -- not realizing you can't get there by bike until Memorial Day. (The MDC is working on new beachscaping, and trucks and fencing block the way.) I was told I couldn't go any further without walking on the beach, so I did that for a while, thinking I'd be able to return to the walkway at some point to continue on to Nahant, but the walkway is completely blocked at the end, and another MDC officer told me I'd have to walk another half mile on the beach to get to Nahant.

So I doubled back and headed into the wind to continue my wandering path around town. I ended up with 20 miles without really going anywhere.