Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 25: 30 days of Biking, No Garmin No Rules (Sorta)

My ride with friend Carolyn had a twist today when she handed me a "No Garmin No Rules" sticker before our ride. "What does that mean?", I asked... getting a little nervous. 

"You hate your Garmin.", she replied. "It shouldn't be a problem." (True.)

We headed up to Manchester and Singing Beach, which at this point I know the route and mileage pretty well, so I didn't think much of it. We rode at a casual pace, chatting along the way, but not much slower than usual.

We got home in under two hours, but after the ride I felt like something was missing! I couldn't post it on Strava! I started thinking of the credo, "If it's not on Strava, it didn't happen." Oh wow. It nagged at me for two hours.

At 4:30, I needed coffee, so I grabbed the Garmin, rode down to Ocean House Surf and stopped by the beach. 5 miles of poking through town.

Yes. I think I'm a Stravaholic.