Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 23: 30 Days of Biking, Adventures with Chip

Today was a fun day on the bike with Chip as we took off down the trail towards Marblehead in the rain. We decided to head to the Driftwood for breakfast, and arrived fairly soaked -- but after warm pancakes and cocoa for Chip, and eggs and coffee for me, we were good as new.

Heading back out in the rain, Chip took some selfies at the landing, (State Street dock), not really caring about the wet weather. We then made our way back through town, stopping to explore an old cemetary along the way.

Back on the trails, we veered off into the woods at Hawthorn Pond, looking for turtles. At that point, Chip decided he needed a pond stick, and tried to take it home on the bike with him. That didn't last long. As he precariously crossed the planked walkway across the pond with the stick, I waited for him to lose his balance and fall in, but fortunately he let go of that prized possession before tumbling in. (Wise choice, Chip!)

We continued on to Salem where his comments and observations made me laugh. At one point, his pant leg got caught in his bike chain and a heard a loud, "rrrrrrrrip", followed by, "Ummm, MOM?!" Hahaha... those pants are toast. With the torn pant leg flapping, it became caught in the chain a second time, so we tore the fabric up to his knee to tie it around his leg. Just part of the adventure.

We got back to Beach Bluff at 9.5 miles, and I mentioned to him that I hated ending a bike ride on an odd number. So, we looped the neighborhood to end it at ten miles -- although he would have been happy to leave it at 9.5 (or continue to 11), because "odd numbers get ignored." Hahaha... I'll try to remember that, Chipper.