Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 11: 30 Days of Biking, Trails and Mud

Today I took an easy ride on the Lexa along the trails that start near my house -- heading out through Marblehead and into Salem. It seems like a long trail, but in reality it's less than 5 miles in total length. Most of it is hard packed, but the areas closest to Swampscott are muddy and rocky, and I got stuck in the mud a few times and fell twice. There are a few planked walkways and paths off the main trail that I explored -- and a couple of small hills too, which were fun.

Going downhill is a lot harder than going up.

On the Salem bike path (which is paved, and short), I passed a man pushing a jogging stroller with a little girl inside. The tyke threw her ziplock bag of snacks at me as I passed!! I thought it was a little funny as I continued on to the end of the path -- and then turned around to head back towards Marblehead. Passing the jogger a second time, (who must have also turned around soon after I passed him), the kid threw her snacks at me again! Wow. First time was funny... second time seemed a little psychotic.

An easy casual ride, under 10 miles, but fun. (Now I have to clean the bike.)