Friday, March 28, 2014

March is No Lamb

It's been a mixed week with a few workouts but not a whole lot of riding going on. P2 wrapped up on Wednesday with a final "test", and less-than-stellar results on my end, but I'll take it. I may not be faster this Spring, but Shayne and P2 got me through this brutally endless winter, so I'm o.k. with that. (Kudos to Lila for crushing P2 this winter.) I was a lot stronger a year ago at this time, but I haven't gone too far off the rails, so all is not totally lost. I know what I need to do to pull it together.

Today I ended up in Nancy's spin class after getting a text late last night from The Queen, asking if I was interested in spinning in the morning. (Uh... no... but... yes... o.k.) I quickly logged into the reservation system and snagged the last two spots that were open and we had a great workout early today. When spin ended, The Queen joined the Total Abs workout that followed, while I ditched it... hahaha. I'll do better next week. Abs?? No need to rush things. Summer isn't coming anytime soon.