Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day

Yesterday we had a classic New England winter storm... no school... nearly a foot of snow... and our lives slowed down a little.

Julie H. and I exchanged a few emails in the morning, asking each other about the status of our P2 cycling class, which went something like this:
"Are you going to P2?",
"I don't know. Are you going?"
"I don't know. I'm still in my pjs, leaning towards No."
"Also in my pjs, leaning the same way."
A posting on Facebook indicated that classes were canceled -- but an email from coach Shayne said otherwise -- so Julie and I connected by phone and talked each other into braving the snow. My driveway still needed to be shoveled, but having an all-wheel drive with snow mode meant I could just blast over the moguls and deal with the shoveling later. (Ha!) I picked Julie up and made the slow trek through Salem, on yet-to-be-plowed streets. We ended up being late for class. (Sorry coach!)

The workout was tough -- and the rest of the Wednesday gang didn't make it -- but fellow spider John M. joined us, and the three of us gutted it out. (By the middle of the workout, I regretted not staying home in my pjs... but when all was said and done, I was glad I did it. Week 5, done.)

Of course I had a second workout in store for me when I got home -- and had to clear those moguls in the driveway. Will eventually woke from his snow-day coma to give me a hand, and went to work on the 2 foot high snowbank that blocked the end of the driveway. He managed to get a good section of it clear, when a snowplow came by and buried the end of the driveway again. I thought Will was going to have a breakdown. He stood there, in total shock, and I watched as a half dozen emotions crossed his face in a ten-second span. Disbelief, hurt, frustration, anger, despair, resignation... I tried to suppress my laugh as he stood there with the shovel in his hand, looking dejected. "Yes", I told him. "Snowplows do that". He's such a rookie.