Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cycling + Style = Vanderkitten

I'm so in love with my new VIP cycling gear from Vanderkitten. I'd been stalking the mailman for the last few days, meeting him at the door as he delivered our mail. I think he knew I was waiting for something special, because he smiled when he handed me two packages from Vanderkitten headquarters and chuckled when I just squealed with delight. (I love our mailman.) I tore open the packages and burst with excitement. Everything is fab-u-lous. The design, the colors, the fluoro yellow, the fabric, the style... ohmigosh, WOW.

Of course I tried everything on and it fit and felt amazing. I felt amazing. I wore that kit all morning long, until the moment I realized I had to change my clothes and pick up the boys from school. (It was 20 degrees out, and throwing on a long coat over my bare legs would look kinda streaker-ish.) I slipped into jeans and a sweater, feeling slightly depleted of my superpowers, but still soaring high. I love it all. Vanderkitten rocks.