Saturday, January 25, 2014

P2 - Saturday morning "homework"

P2 workout at B&S Fitness
 Front row: Lisa and Lila and Kristen (running)
Back row: Brandi, Shayne, and Jen, 

Nice to get my P2 homework done this week.

Each week, I have a coached workout with Shayne in his Wednesday morning P2 class -- where I'm working (struggling) to improve my speed. I'm not entering any races any time soon, but the P2 endurance class was full, and, well, who doesn't want to get faster? Every Sunday night, Shayne emails the week's homework to be done during the week, and it takes me ten minutes to translate it. (...8 mins LT, 3 mins rest. 4x3 mins VO2, 3 mins rest. 8x40sec anaerobic w/20 sec rest in between...) I wish there was an app to decipher it all.

During the first session of P2, I did the homework on my own... and I admit I didn't push it very hard. Getting the work done with some of the other Spiders makes it easier. And it's great to have Lila translating the workout and leading the way. More fun. Thanks, girl!