Wednesday, December 18, 2013

No Festive 500 For Me

It's too bad Strava doesn't display the challenge badges you've earned during the year on your Strava profile. This week, a few of the riders I follow have signed up for the Rapha Festive 500. If there wasn't snow on the ground, and the zero percent chance of me completing 500 km in 8 days, I'd jump at it because the badge is so pretty... but I'll leave it to my California and Australian friends.

I didn't join Strava until June, when I got the Garmin, and only signed up for three challenges this year, but here are the badges. I completed the Rapha 100k in July, and earned 250K benchmarks on the other two. (Three on The Extender and one on Turn up the Heat.) Each benchmark met personal goals, so that was great. Next summer, I'm going for a 1,000km month. Definitely.

Rapha Womens 100 -- 7/7/13 Total distance: 100K 1 day 
The Extender -- 9/1-9/30 Total distance: 802.5k over 14 rides,  
Turn up the Heat -- 10/1-10/31 Total distance: 351k over 4 rides