Monday, December 16, 2013

Messy Weekend Weather, Another Frostbite Ride Cancelled

Snow and ice cancelled Saturday's Frostbite Ride, which, heading into the weekend, only consisted of me and Ethan. I got a call from E on Friday night asking, "Do you know the temps aren't supposed to break 20? Don't cancel your spin reservation, just in case." Sure enough, at 8 a.m Saturday morning, it was a whopping 10 degrees with a storm approaching... and our frostbite ride was cancelled. (Again.) I headed to the gym and ticked off a little more of my Tri Inside the Y commitment, and by the time I left, it was snowing. At home, I settled in and watched the Army-Navy game, (Go Navy!), while the snow fell outside -- content not to ride and happy to be warm.

On Sunday, with the weather system still parked over us, (now falling as freezing rain), I was grateful for a 4-wheel drive as I headed back to the gym for another workout. It looks like we won't have clear roads for a while... and I'll need a mountain bike to get through the frozen mess.