Monday, December 23, 2013

Eve of Christmas Eve

The holidays are on us, and I'm trying not to get too stressed, but I have a hundred things to do and all I keep thinking about is the 20,000 meters I have to row and the half marathon I still have left to run! (Actually now 10.2 miles.) Ay yi yi... can I get this thing done?! What I need to do is spend less time on the bike and more time on the rower, but the bike is what gets me to the Y in the first place!

I've been missing gingerbread cookies this holiday season... so I tried two different paleo recipes in an effort to have my favorite holiday treat this Christmas.

Total. Fail.

The first batch was completely inedible -- the second recipe only marginally better -- but I didn't want to admit defeat, so I ate the cookies, trying to convince myself they weren't that bad. (They were.) I paid for it afterwards with a 2 mile run on the treadmill while the boys kept me hilariously entertained. I've given up on further attempts on paleo Christmas cookies this year -- I have a Tri to get done.

Must. Run. More.