Monday, December 2, 2013

Decisions, decisions...

I chose my Vanderkitten cycling kit today for the upcoming season, and it wasn't easy! So many choices! I wavered between traditional shorts or bib shorts. (I went with the bib); Cycling jersey or running top. (I prefer loose MTB styling to cycling jerseys, but ultimately I chose the cycling jersey); Size medium or large. (OK, I meant to order a medium, but by default I ordered large! Dumb choice.); Color? Pink or Floro Yellow! (Oooooh. That was a tough call. They're both awesome. The girly girl in me leaned pink, but the optimist prime in me said yellow! Sunshine! Warmth! Energy! Tim's bike! I went with yellow.) I'm jazzed!

There were several different kit options, and I couldn't help but chuckle at the girls who've been asking for more. (Skinsuits, white tri suits, running singlets, arm warmers, leg warmers, toddler T's, stickers.... (deep breath)... The ladies are so enthusiastic you can't blame them for wanting more :) ... although it must be exhausting on the other end.)

Personally, since I had such a hard time two weeks ago making my clothing order with SpiderOne Racing -- because there were too many options to choose from -- I was relieved to have a limit at VK! Too many choices can be paralyzing!

It will be nice to retire some old jerseys and rock Vanderkitten and SpiderOne Racing next spring!