Sunday, December 29, 2013

Coming up Short on the Tri

Our long holiday week comes to an end today, with Day 2 of a holiday indulgence detox and extra time spent at the Y. I've fallen well behind on the Tri inside the Y and it's not looking like I'll finish in time -- with six miles to run and over 10,000 meters of rowing -- and only two days left. Chip has become my partner in crime, joining me at the Y for some rowing, and keeping me company on the treadmill run. (It's all amuses him.) My plan over the next two days is to just get it done, no matter how long it takes and whatever the consequences. (Like, not being able to lift my arms after a 10,000 meter row.)

We're closing in on the New Year, and I'm planning to lead a Cyclopath New Year's Day ride early in the morning. Mike is running the Wicked Running Club's Frosty Four, and both boys are plunging the icy Atlantic in Swampscott Yacht Club's Polar Bear Plunge, so all four of us are bringing in the New Year in our own special way -- on what's expected to be a twenty degree day. Let the New Year begin!