Friday, November 15, 2013

Almost there...

Well, it's easier to say I'm getting back on track than it is to actually get there. This week, I returned to my fitness routine a little too quickly, with spin on Monday (followed by P2 homework), Christine's conditioning class on Tuesday, (where she really laid on the cardio), and coach Shayne's Pure Power Cycling workout, (P2), on Wednesday, which was soooo much harder than I expected. I can barely walk today. Yesterday, my calf muscles kept seizing up and I was dying. It feels like someone took a sledge hammer to the back of my calves. Painful.

The numbers on the scale have been creeping up since I stopped riding every day. Total bummer. I'm hoping my muscles recover in time for tomorrow's frostbite ride out of Salem. (Temps are expected to start in the lower 30's). Last year at this time, I pushed through the cold and was riding more... I don't know why I'm having a harder time getting motivated this month.