Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Welcome Home, Skipper

A glimpse of P2. Lila warms up
with S1 Coach Shayne Gaffney

It's Wednesday morning... which can only mean one thing: P2! I was looking forward to my workout this morning, but had a few setbacks. First, I was late getting to the facilities because the traffic in Salem was a nightmare, (as it always is at this time of year); and then second, after setting up my bike in the studio, I discovered I left one cycling shoe at home. Ugh. Such a pain -- especially after fighting the traffic to get to there. I felt really bad -- both for being late and for any delays I caused -- and now I have to carve out extra time to get in a workout and make up what I missed. (So sorry again, Shayne.)

Missing my workout this morning, and starting to feel a little crabby, I headed over to Fit Werx 2 in Peabody to pick up my bike! (Yay!) I heard from Mike at Fit Werx yesterday letting me know that it had arrived from California -- had been checked out and reassembled -- and all was good. I was happy to have my Trek back, and left Fit Werx in a much more cheerful mood than when I arrived, (who leaves there unhappy?), until I had to make my way back through Salem to get home. (Sigh.) Even the back roads are congested, as everyone tries to avoid downtown.

Just one more day before Halloween... and Haunted Happenings 2013 will be history.