Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sincerest Thanks and Appreciation

As the season winds down with just one last charity ride on the horizon, I'm thinking of the many friends, family & teammates who supported me this summer. Between the Pan Mass Challenge, Harpoon Point to Point, Ride for Angels, Sea Glass Ride, and the upcoming Undefeated/EOD Ride, I rode five charity events this year, (plus the Rapha 100, Cohen Classic and Seacoast Century; and fundraising for Tour de Cure). Each had special moments and I felt fortunate to participate in all.

I have a special thank you to Mike and the boys for their unwavering support behind the scenes. I may be the alpha dog in the house, (according to Rigby), but Mike is the rock, and without him, none of it works. (Thank you, honey!) The boys were all terrific this year as they did their best to accommodate my rides. Sometimes it didn't work, but we rolled with it. Will, (my competitive one), Chip (the goof ball), and of course Zach, (the peacemaker)... we had great summer.

Thanks, also, to the team of people who kept me rocking and rolling -- Keli and Christine, who tortured me with weights and cardio. (I've been enjoying the break, but will be back at it next month). Shayne and Brandi and many of the Spiders, who helped me reach my cycling goals this summer; my many riding partners, too many to list, (you know who you are!), but especially Ethan, who rode with me through sub-freezing temps last winter. (I think P2 is going to be a much warmer way to train in the off-season!); The North Shore Cyclopaths, for their constant love and encouragement; and all of my family and friends who sponsored my rides and supported me throughout the season. We raised almost $10,000 for the various charities I rode for this summer. Pretty impressive -- we all make a great team. Thank you!!