Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Go Big Blue!

Football season continues for the little guys as the Big Blue Spartans made the playoffs... extending Chip's season into November. (Unfortunately for the older boys, the high school teams didn't fare as well.) At last week's practice, one of the coaches gave each player a dog tag that included a name, number, and nickname. I expected Chip's to read "Chipwich" or "Chipper", which I'm sure I've heard most often on the field, but no. His nickname is "Wild Thing". (Just what a mom wants to hear, right?)

I added his new schedule to the calendar, and noted my conditioning workouts with Keli and Christine are conflicting with his practice times, so my off season training is off to a slow start. But on the plus side, I get to watch Chip play a little longer. I missed several of the boys' games this year with my ride schedule... and it's been a while since I sat in the bleachers for a game, bundled under ten wool blankets to stay warm. Hahaha! Congrats on making the play-offs, Chippy! Go Blue!