Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Arriving Home, Post-Ride Wrap-Up

There are so many great moments from the weekend that it will be hard to wrap it all up into one post, so instead I will break it up into several, and add thoughts during the week.

Life is getting back to normal, although I'm exhausted from all of the travel, change in time zones, and plane delays. I woke up in Swampscott this morning (yay!) to make the boys pancakes, and add a toothbrush and toothpaste to Chip's packed duffle bag -- thus attempting to foil his plan to not brush his teeth for the next several days. (Well, it doesn't mean he'll actually use it.) He's heading off on a three day school trip today -- One Cronin in the door as another one leaves.

I totally missed P2 Cycling this morning, but the added thought of using Will's bike again, (mine is still in California), killed any energy I had for P2, (after I remembered today was Wednesday. Sorry, coach!)

Before I add any posts to the blog, I want to thank the Colemans, Dennehys, Hamiltons, Hauses and Rowe-Cummings for getting the boys to and from school, practices, and games. (And David Coleman for getting my car started when I discovered the battery had died.) It really does take a village sometimes. Thanks for making everything work!