Monday, September 30, 2013

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.

Chris Andrieu & Casey Braden
My "Monday motivation" comes from EOD Tech Chris Andrieu, whose own determination helped me get back on the bike last week after the Seacoast Century. (Seriously, if it weren't for the EOD Ride ten days from now, I probably would have called it quits on the season.)

Chris lost the lower part of both legs in an IED explosion in February, (yes, this year), and has been training for the Undefeated/EOD Ride on a tandem, along with his buddy Casey Braden. (Amazing.) Last week, Chris was fitted for a new custom Litespeed bike, determined to ride the event on his own -- and his own resolve became my inspiration last week as I sorted through my emotions. It was a tough week... and I needed the perspective. (Thank you, Kathy Meyers, for the thoughtful encouragement.)

I'm planning to ship my bike out... tomorrow! (Wow. Time is flying.) I'll be without my Trek for the next week or so, and my cousin Pete has my Specialized right now, so I'll borrow Will's bike for my rides this week -- and for the Sea Glass Ride next weekend. He was a little hurt when I said wasn't looking forward to the downgrade. Hahaha... he's so sensitive!