Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back in Action

Representing from the front lines,
Matt Small rides a belt-driven Trek
I've been off the bike since Saturday's ride while some kind of virus had its way with me. Yesterday was the first day I felt somewhat normal, and today it's time to get back in action. I have the Seacoast Century (100 miles) coming up in 3 days! Time to get moving again!

This weekend also kicks off one of the Worldwide Undefeated EOD Rides. On Saturday, Matt Small, Brian Murphy, Richard Crump and Mark Constantine will be riding their first 100 miles of the Afghan EOD Ride... in where else? Afghanistan. Matt is riding a custom Trek fitted with a Gates carbon belt drive for the ride, while the others have cobbled together whatever bikes they could. (Steel framed mountain bikes, rusted chains... ouch!) Matt says he's not too worried about the ride, (more worried about the monotony than the miles), but can't speak for the other guys. They're heading out at 0400 hours the morning of the 21st, hoping to beat the Afghan heat.

My ride on a carbon fiber bike along the New Hampshire/Maine seacoast won't be easy after coming off whatever bug I had this week -- my muscles are feeling a little weak and I've lost a few pounds -- but it won't even compare to the harsh conditions, (not to mention the freaking WAR ZONE), those guys are riding in on Saturday. Bravo, guys. (Be safe.)

The West Coast Undefeated/EOD Ride is now 22 days away and counting... I'm ready.