Thursday, August 15, 2013

"Oh, hey, good to see you!" Social Ride

I've logged in some mileage, (a tad over 120), between the Point to Point last Saturday and today's ride for 30. I originally headed out towards Manchester this morning, but turned around upon realizing I left my phone at home... only to discover it was dead anyways and needed to be recharged. (Oops.) So, not wanting to be too far off the beaten path without a way for the boys to reach me, I decided to log in my miles locally. Of course that meant I kept running into people I knew, (too funny!), and my ride became a social ride more than a workout. That's o.k. It's summer. Stop and smell the roses.

The last few days have been tough to squeeze in rides as the boys' football schedules ramp up. Today I had to cut my ride short to get Will in for his concussion test... only to find out he was bumped to tomorrow. (Ha! I get extra credit for the pun!) Unfortunately, it leaves another broken day tomorrow -- and it's been hard to get in four straight uninterrupted hours this week. Just doing the best I can.