Saturday, August 31, 2013

Long Day for Just 50 Miles

Spiders Lisa & Michelle changing the
first of two flats today.
Today was just one of those days. I started my morning at 6 am, riding over to Salem with Anne and Arlene. Skies were gray, and a light rain began to fall shortly after we arrived in Salem, but undaunted, eight of us decided to head to Manchester -- and if the weather held out -- would continue on to Gloucester, where I planned to join the SpiderOne group as they came up the same route an hour and a half later.

My plan was to ride with both teams today. Thank you, Cyclopaths, for trying to make that work for me.

Not a mile out of downtown Salem, we heard our first clap of thunder. And then another. Before long, rain started falling heavily, and everyone turned around to head to Red's for breakfast, (ending up at AJ Kings soon after, instead.)

Since I knew SpiderOne would head out rain or shine, and I needed the miles, I headed to the B&S facilities to wait out the storm. It was still early and no one was there, but the overhang on the door made a perfect shelter as I waited for the others to arrive. With the storm delay, S1 didn't leave Salem until 8:15. (Already my morning was dragging.)

We headed up to Manchester, where a few riders split off to head back, while five of us continued on towards Gloucester. I fell into a moderate pace with two women I'd never ridden with before, but were really nice, Lisa and Michelle. (I didn't even try to keep up with Brandi and Jeff, ahead of us.) Unfortunately, Lisa got a flat outside of Essex, and we lost B & J, as it took us a while to fix the flat. (And unfortunately, Lisa got a second flat minutes after changing the first.) Luckily for us, good friend Bruce Kapsten happened to be driving by, and came to our rescue and changed the second flat. (Thank you Bruce!! You are a sweetheart!) We eventually got back on the road, and continued on. I think I got home at noon.

Two flat tires, very wet roads, a few crazy drivers, a long, long morning... but I met two new friends, so all was not lost.