Saturday, August 17, 2013

Breakfast with Sheldon

We had a gorgeous morning for a Cyclopath ride today, and the gang decided to head out to Georgetown for a change of pace. 80-year-old Sheldon, however, was not feeling confident with the distance, and chose to keep his ride short. With thoughts of Ducky going through my head -- coupled with the sad news I wrote about yesterday -- I wasn't comfortable leaving Sheldon on his own, and opted to stay with him today. Donna and I often take turns riding sweep on Saturdays, but I've missed the last few rides, so I was due for a slower pace. (I can make up the miles tomorrow.)

So Sheldon and I said our goodbyes to the group and headed out to the Beverly airfield for breakfast, while the others continued on to Georgetown. We had a simple breakfast and had a lovely chat before hitting the road again. The pace was slow, but I didn't really mind. It was nice to just cruise along and enjoy the beautiful weather -- and not think about heart rate zones, cadence, speed or mileage. Just a slow quiet pedal on a glorious day.