Saturday, July 27, 2013

Habitat for Humanity 'Team BLC Build Day'

Spiders at Team BLC Build Day, June 27

I skipped my Cyclopath ride today to work on a Habitat for Humanity team building event with other SpiderOne and CrossFit IronSpider athletes. Still being (relatively) new at SpiderOne, and really doing a lot of my training on my own through Shayne, I haven't had many opportunities to get to know some of the other riders.

"Team BLC Build Day" was organized by fellow spider Brooke Cambridge of BLC Painting. I'd met Brooke only twice before -- once very briefly on a Monday ride, and then later at a team social -- and she's really nice. When she asked SpiderOne and IronSpider to join her company's Team Build Day, I figured, "Sure! I could help out Habitat for Humanity and count it as my Saturday workout!" Ha ha ha... man, oh man... am I exhausted!! What was I thinking? I worked so hard, I'm sore all over.

I have noooooo idea how this is going to play out tomorrow when I have to get in my long ride. Where's the Aleve?