Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Finally a Rest Day!

Cohen "Tri State" Classic 2013
I've logged in 175 miles between my last rest day and today and I'm totally beat. I'm looking forward to being a slug all day today. (I'm not touching a weight or bike or doing a single exercise.) Last week's workouts in the heat were definitely a challenge. (The heat index hit 105 degrees on Friday. Wow, it was hot!)

Saturday's Annual Cohen TriState Classic ride along the New Hampshire Seacoast was terrific, although it didn't hit the TRI states this year. The bridge from Portsmouth to Maine is still closed, (reopening mid-August), so we didn't make it to Maine this time around. The pace was slow, (the Cohen Classic still being a Cyclopath no drop ride), but I welcomed the easy 40 miles. Will rode with us on Saturday, too, and did fine with the distance, but felt his leg cramping up around mile 35. I have a feeling he'll be gutting out the last 15 miles of the PMC in two weeks. Crazy kid.

Commitments on Sunday had me heading home early, but I squeezed in a 50 mile ride up to Great Neck in Ipswich, taking the long route through Manchester and Essex. Lucky for me, the temps were cooler than the previous six days and it felt good to ride and not even think about the heat. (Monday's "recovery ride" with SpiderOne Racing was not my best effort. I'm just beat!!) Hooray for a rest day!!!