Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Will! Weren't you supposed to knock on wood or something?

I took a little break from the bike this week, heading into PMC week. It wasn't entirely intentional -- but sometimes life just happens that way. I finally got back on track tonight and returned to my training schedule. On tap for today? Dreaded "hill repeats". (Thanks, Shayne.)

I planned to ride this morning while Will was at football conditioning, but reconsidered. I mentioned to him that if I got a flat, I might not be home in time to pick him up from his workout. He responded, "When does that ever happen? You never get flats. You won't get a flat." Hmmm... I should commend his positive attitude.

Soon after dropping him off, I exchanged a few texts with my friend Joe Ippolito about riding tonight -- he said he was "in" for hill work -- so we made a plan to ride at 5.

The workout was great. Tough. Hill repeats are a killer. Up, down, up, down. I'm still not comfortable with the gearing on my Domane, and I feel like I'm never in the right gear. Still, we had a great workout, and Joe pushed me to do one extra loop around the neck when I was ready to call it quits.

Coming off the causeway, I hit a large rock, hard. Thirty seconds later, the tire was flat. No kidding. I think Will jinxed me!!! Really!! Joe was sweet and changed the tube for me, but the spare came up flat, too. (Not sure why.) I took it apart when I got home and the tire is fine -- but both inner tubes had a hole. A trip to the bike shop has now been added to my ever-growing "To Do" list this week.