Sunday, June 9, 2013

Quick Sunday Loop

After a wet start to the weekend, Sunday surprised us with a gorgeous day! I took the Domane out for a ride and tested the new Garmin 510 gps that Fitwerx installed for me. Awesome. The stats recorded on the gps will help Shayne with my training plan -- although, like the Strava app I recently installed on my phone, (at Ethan's urging), it actually helps to press the start button. (Details!)

Sundays are our busy day for sports and we had a packed afternoon today, but I was itching to get out for a quick (brief) ride this morning. I love the new bike! And the Garmin is kinda neat... although I can tell already it's not going to let me be lazy. Heading up a little hill on the neck, I saw my speed drop down to 10 mph and thought "Ugh. No way", and I picked up the pace. And I was not happy with a low 12 miles even though I knew I was pressed for time today. So the Garmin is either a blessing or a curse. I haven't yet decided.