Thursday, June 13, 2013

Its not the MCAS...

Yesterday was a testing day on the CompuTrainer at the B&S Fitness facilities -- and my first follow up to the benchmark testing my coach did in April. The rainy days (and Tuesday's planned off day from the bike) had me feeling anxious about the test, which for some reason annoyed Chip. He just rolled his eyes when I told him I was nervous about my test, and said, "Jeez, Mom. Its not the MCAS." Huh. With one witty boy away in DC, the other one fills the void.

I did well on the test. I don't know what I expected. I guess I was afraid of disappointing my coach after all of the time and encouragement he's given me these last two months. But, I showed some definite progress since April and he was pleased. Yay.

Unfortunately, it might be shortlived! Looking ahead to my workout planned for Saturday's long ride, Shayne wrote in my training plan, "...try to avoid the 45 minute break on your ride".

Hmmmm.... but it's a Cyclopath ride! How am I going to avoid that? We stop for breakfast!