Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hill Repeats, Long Ride, and Rest Day

Today is my "rest" day on the bike and I need it! I had 4 straight days on the bike, including two days of hill work and a 40 mile Cyclopath ride on Saturday... so it's nice to take a break. Summer has returned! The last few days have hit the 90s, and it feels good!

Last night's hill repeats over the Beverly-Salem Bridge, (Up-down, over @ the light on the Beverly side, up-down, over @ the light on the Salem side, up-down-over, up-down to the end of the bypass -- repeat.), in the 90 degree heat was brutal! I didn't tell my SpiderOne mates that the busy intersection we kept crossing on the Beverly side was where I had one of my crashes a few years ago, and I kept thinking, "If I have an accident in Beverly, the EMTs are going to ban me from this town, for sure." (Ha!)

Coach Shayne had a different workout planned for me on Monday night, and I tried to combine his workout with the one Brandi Dion was leading for the S1 group, but I just got all confused. (I ended up skipping one slog down the bypass.) After the third repeat, and with a bolt of lightning slicing the sky in the distance, three of us decided to head back to Marblehead/Swampscott to beat the storm. It was a hard workout -- and I was thrilled to see Julie Haynes and Joe Ippolito on the ride, (two S1 athletes I happen to know, besides Brandi and Shayne!) -- but it felt good once the workout was over. Rest day today!