Friday, May 31, 2013

A Peek of Summer

The blast of sun and heat this week felt good -- I'm definitely a summer girl. This morning I headed out at sunrise for an 18 mile ride, happy to feel that warm glow of the sun on my face. As I crossed the causeway, I watched a seagull picking at a dead fish on the seawall, totally oblivious to riders coming up behind me. I heard a loud "Tamaroooo!", and looked over to see two guys I know from Marblehead ready to pass me on the left. "Pick up the pace, girl", one of them said. (Erggg.)

I rode with them out to the lighthouse and then ditched them with my dignity still intact when I took the turn for the Eastern Yacht Club while they continued straight. (It was just too early for that!) I then took a turn to do one more loop of the neck before heading home to get the boys off to school, and caught up to Mike running along Ocean Ave with the LVO bootcamp. He was looking good! (Unfortunately, he pulled a muscle about a mile later, which may prevent him from running for a while. Ouch!)

A gorgeous day on the North Shore -- I love summer!