Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Has Finally Arrived

We had a picture perfect day for a Cyclopath ride -- but surprisingly only seven riders today. Still, it was nice to see folks coming back for the season. We rode a slow-moderate pace out to the Beverly Airfield for breakfast, and I was happy that Ethan stopped too so we could ride together afterwards. (He hates stopping for breakfast.) It was nice to sit at a big table and chat -- and I noticed everyone was paying attention to what I would order off the cafe's limited menu that would be paleo. Ha ha. (I had scrambled eggs.)

After breakfast, most headed back, (including Ed who forgot his helmet!), while Ducky, Ethan and I continued on for more miles through Hamilton and Wenham. E introduced me to a new route with rolling hills that was fabulous! We had a great ride, and after saying goodbye to Ducky in Beverly, scooted back to Marblehead and split off. I swung over to the ballfields quickly before heading home in time to grab the car and pick up the boys from swim team practice. Fantastic ride and a spectacular day!