Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring is Coming. I Feel It.

Big Blue LAX
March is winding down and we're gearing up for an active Spring. Our schedules are changing in April as spring sports get underway. (Swimming, cycling, rugby, and lacrosse). In addition to both boys swimming, Will is playing rugby this year (with the guidance of Welsh friends), while Chip is on the lacrosse field. I've had to tell Chip to (thud) put the lacrosse stick down (thud) a half dozen times this week (thud), as he walks around the house (thud) cradling a ball (thud). Seriously, that ball hitting the floor makes me crazy!

We have a busy Spring ahead as we juggle the boy's sports with my cycling and training plans. (I may be adding boot camp or crossfit to my workout routine in May.) Mike has a 5K thrown in there too. Nothing new for us -- just the regular mad routine -- but getting started is always the hard part.

The weather is improving and folks are starting to trickle back to their bikes after ski season. I received a few emails this week checking on ride status for the weekend. Sadly, a memorial service on Saturday will keep me from my group ride, but I'll get out on the road at some point this weekend. Happy Easter.