Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ebay and the Spin Class Res System

Trying to grab one of the 21 spin bikes at the Y on the weekends is like making a last-minute winning bid on Ebay. The 8:15 Saturday class opened for reservations at 7:15 this morning, Thursday. (They use an online reservation system.) I sat down at my computer and logged in at 7:12... waited until the clocked ticked to 7:15, and punched the "enter button" to create my reservation.

I'm number 10 on the WAIT LIST. Apparently, 30 other people were hovering over their keyboards and pressed "Enter" before me. Argh.

Snow is falling again and will continue through Friday. An outdoor Frostbite Ride ride is iffy for Saturday -- hence my back-up plan to hit the Y. (Didn't Mike promise a 50 degree day on Saturday? Ha ha ha... ten day forecast.)