Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Renaming the Blog, Part 2

Will was quite serious about renaming the blog and tossed out some names to me today. Our conversation went like this:
Will: "'Being a winner dot com'."
Me: "No. That's ridiculous."
Will: "O.K... How about, 'Super Cool Ninja Cyclers dot com'."
Me: "Are you being serious?"
Will: "'I'm a better rider than you dot com'? 'Cereal is my religion dot com'? Or how about, 'My son is sexy dot com'. No, wait. Scratch that one."
Me: "Already forgotten."
Will: I've got it!! How about 'Don't get a Concussion dot com'."

Ultimately, we did come up with several (cycling related) suggestions together and it was actually hard to choose between them. Welcome to Coasting the Draft -- (That perfect moment of riding in the slipstream of the paceline).

But, let me go back to one more classic Will suggestion...
Will: "There is a camel up that hill dot com".
Me: "Huh?! What does THAT mean, exactly?
Will: "It's when you're riding really hard and you're totally beat, and you come to a hill and you look at your friends and say, "Hey, look. There's a camel up that hill." And then you get to the top of the hill and there's no camel. Odd when that happens."
Yes, Will. Very odd.