Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh, Lance... you make it so hard to like you.

Count me in as one of the people who believed that Lance Armstrong was clean. (I know... Pollyanna...) I was angry at our hometown boy Tyler Hamilton for his own admissions to doping... because I defended and believed in Tyler, too. But Lance, well, his betrayal cuts even deeper. I've supported the LiveStrong Foundation. I've worn the yellow bracelets. I was thrilled when Lance rode the Pan Mass Challenge 2 years ago and was grateful for his support in the PMC. I thought he was an amazing athlete and a true inspiration -- but I especially admired him for what he did off the bike for cancer survivorship. Part of me had a feeling he was cheating, (knowing how prevalent doping is in cycling), but I chose not to believe it. I wanted to believe in Lance. What a shame.